Surviving 26th Street, Carol June Stover



The year is 1954, and Laura Justice’s ambitious husband, Winton, makes a decision that shocks family and friends. He moves his Memphis family North, vowing to strike it rich on Madison Avenue and savor the pleasures of suburban life. This does not happen. The southern family is a poor fit in their New Jersey neighborhood, and loyal wife Laura feels ostracized. What’s more, Winton’s advertising agency soon fails, and he becomes depressed and combative.

1950s women are supposed to obey, but Laura Justice refuses to stay mute. She dares to complain when Winton launches a new business selling wire recorders (the very latest technology!) from their basement. Incensed at his uncooperative wife, Winton persists, bringing chaos to their family, including his strange parents, a creepy employee and a sexy neighbor, not to mention financial disaster. A tireless fixer, Laura tries to stem Winton’s antics and the cash drain, to no avail.

Meanwhile, the couple’s children are caught in their parent’s cross fire, drifting around the neighborhood and depending on neighbors for fun and attention. When 9-year old daughter Jane rises above the crisis to help police solve the crime, Laura is inspired to take action too. Defying 1950 taboos, she struggles to make a life-changing decision: Should she rein in husband Winton and his maddening life style...or at long last cut bait?

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